Parents of teenagers

Raising a teenager may be an exciting process in itself, but it also poses numerous challenges to parents, which may lead to a feeling of helplessness, anger or fear for their children’s safety. Do you feel upset about the fact that your children are growing up? Are you worried that your children might get themselves into trouble? Do you want to become a better parent?

The Effective Parenting Programme will teach you certain practical ways of coping with adolescent problems and help you build a better relationship with your children.

The skills you will acquire will allow you to teach your teenagers how to be responsible, cooperative and independent - indispensable features essential in building better relationships.

The Effective Parenting Programme includes seven two-hour meetings in a parent group and covers the following topics:

How to...

  • understand yourself and your children,
  • adapt your reactions to your teen’s attitude,
  • show respect and give encouragement,
  • encourage teenagers to solve their problems through cooperation,
  • use consequences in order to build a sense of responsibility,
  • practise the acquired skills in specific situations.

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