Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is normally conducted by the same therapist, usually at the same time and at a particular frequency, e.g. once or twice a week. Depending on the patient’s needs, it can be short term (the number aof sessions is determined beforehand) or long term (between several and several dozen sessions) – it is aimed at people in critical situations, such as loss of a close relative, loss of employment, unexpected disease, a significant change, or a necessity to take an important life decision.

Long term psychotherapy is a process, the aim of which is for one to understand and learn more about their own self – feelings, thoughts, and how to behave and to act towards others in various situations.

This enables you to build and maintain satisfactory relationships with others; it gives a sense of being able to influence a course of events, internal cohesion, and it helps to create new, constructive ways of perceiving oneself and the world. It is not specified in advance how long the therapy will last.

Both forms of therapy are conducted in an atmosphere of security and honesty. During the first meeting, the psychotherapist informs the patient about the fee and the method of payment and how a session can be cancelled.

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